Why Invest in Maldives?

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Multiple corridors for investment

Why Invest in Maldives

Pro-market policies embedded within the government’s economic vision contribute to a strong, liberal, and transparent trading and commercial environment

Investment opportunities


The tourism sector is the largest contributor to the Maldivian economy with a share of more than a quarter of the national income.

Renewable Energy, Waste & Environment

The Maldives is taking on the challenges of climate change successfully by finding effective solutions for mitigation and adaptation.


The Maldivian skipjack pole-and-line fishery is recognized as the cleanest and greenest fishery in the world.


With the strong demand for quality agricultural produce in the tourism sector and a general trend towards healthy consumption, agribusiness has great potential for growth in the Maldives.

Real estate and Infrastructure

The construction sector in the Maldives has been booming, with the increase in output stemming mainly from the successive governments’ public sector investment program.

Banking and Finance

Strengthening the financial sector, the backbone of our economy, is crucial to ensure socio-economic wellbeing of the country.

Transport and Logistics

As a nation of islands, efficient marine and air transport is essential for the country’s internal and international connectivity.

Health and Wellness

The Government of Maldives prioritizes the health sector development in conjunction with private and public participation with the aim to promote health and wellbeing of communities.

Skills Development

Approximately 31% of the population is between 18-34 years and 18% is between 15-24 years. The Higher Education sector has seen an increase in the number of private higher education providers entering the sector to meet this demand.

Information & Communication Technology

The Maldives experienced rapid growth in the telecommunications and ICT sector over the past twenty years.

Maldives at a glance

A nation of 1192 islands located in the Indian Ocean, the chain of atolls that make up the Maldives stretches across the equator along a length of 871 kilometres.

The Maldives enjoys some of the richest marine biodiversity anywhere in the world

Investment Windows

There are different ways that you can start an investment in the Maldives. This includes:

  •   Foreign Direct Investment
  •   Unsolicited Proposals
  •   Tenders & Public Private Partnership
  •   Special Economic Zone

13.5 %

GDP growth (2021 est.)

7,000 +

Real GDP per Capita (USD)


Registered Resorts (as of Sep 2021)

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