The Government of Maldives invites private sector participation in the development of the health sector. In addition to the development of specialised health facilities, the government also seeks to build and develop fully functional tertiary hospitals in the Regional Urban Centres, national ambulance services, smart, digitally connected health services and the proliferation of alternative forms of medical practices.

Opportunities for investment

Opportunities for investment in a range of medical and related facilities

  • Investment opportunities in the health sector includes the establishment of wellness centres to provide traditional medicine and treatments, development of mental health facilities for treatment of acute mental conditions and impatient care and nursing homes for the provision of old-age care.

  • Investment opportunities are also open for the establishment of developmental disorder treatment facilities, treatment centres for physical disabilities and the establishment of drug rehabilitation centres to help locals and foreigners to recover from substance abuse and addiction.

  • Plastic surgery and dive medicine are also areas in the health sector open for foreign investment.