Investment Windows

Currently there are four investment routes open for foreign investors to establish their businesses in the Maldives.

Standard FDI


Tender & PPP


Foreign Direct Investments

Standard regime governed under the Foreign Investment Act

This is the standard entry route under which foreign investors may invest in a variety of economic sectors in accordance with the sector-specific requirements detailed under the Foreign Direct Investment Policy of the Maldives. The policy provides details on the maximum percentage of foreign shareholding and the minimum initial investment required for investments in various sectors. Several sectors offer the opportunity for 100% ownership, while other sectors are open for investment through joint ventures with Maldivian investment partners.

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Unsolicited Proposals

Private sector participation in the delivery of government’s strategic projects

The Unsolicited Proposals Policy framework offers investors the opportunity for submission of investor-initiated proposals to the government. Investors entering through the USP route shall initiate the process by submitting project concept documents along with the profile of the investor. Once the submission is checked for compliance, the project is assessed to ensure it meets the strategic priorities of the government. The Economic Council of the Cabinet then approves the project for processing. Key terms are finalized, and once the terms are approved by the Cabinet Economic Council the government enters into an agreement with the investor.

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Government Tenders and Public Private Partnership

Government Tenders and PPP Projects are an additional route for foreign investors. Competent foreign businesses have the opportunity to participate in government tenders and PPP projects in various sectors announced by the government.

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Special Economic Zones

SEZ regime governed under the Special Economic Zones Act

Investments allowed under the SEZ umbrella are relatively large-scale investments, in excess of USD 150 million, that matches the strategic priorities of the government. Some of the strategic areas considered for SEZ investment include, export processing activities, ports and airports, bunkering and docking services, education and health services, ICT parks and international financial services among others.

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